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8 Piece Complete Pottery Tool Set

Your Price: $9.95
Item Number: 048628

8 Piece Set includes the following:

  • Wooden Sculpting Tool - Used for shaping, smoothing, cutting or slicing and to create various patterns in the clay
  • Wire Clay Cutter - Perfect for cutting clay or removing thrown pots or other projects from a wheel or other surface.
  • Metal Needle Tool - Add design, detail and holes to your clay project.
  • Sponge - Smooth cleaned seams and large surfaces.  Also great for wetting the project.
  • Loop Tool - Perfect for removing just the right amount of caly from thrown or sculpted pieces.
  • Potter's Rib - Ideal for creating a smooth finish on your thrown ware as well as shaping and curving clay.
  • Ribbon Cutter Tool - Ideal for creating clean, sharp cuts and adding smooth even grooves around your clay pots or any clay project.
  • Steel Kidney Scraper - Can be used to trim excess clay, smooth rough edges and create beautiful curves.
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