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Fun F/X Liquid Latex - Half Gallon

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Item Number: 028238

During the winter months in Indiana, latex can be shipped, but we cannot be held responsible if the item freezes.  We will put "Do Not Freeze" tags on the box, but we cannot control what the carrier does with the item once it reaches the customer.

The BEST latex on the market!  Our latex has a high solid content, so it’s not watered down.  This means faster drying time and less shrinkage than other latex.  Our latex can be thinned by adding a small amount of water. In liquid form in the container, the latex is an off white color (see picture #2). In thin layers, our latex is clear, but as the layers build up, it becomes a tan/sandy color (see picture #3).  
This is a pre-vulcanized natural latex used to produce hollow and/or flexible products by slush casting or painting thin layers into a plaster mold.  The latex sets up as a result of water in the latex being absorbed into the plaster mold, depositing a wall of gelled latex on the mold surface.  If casting with a slush method, the excess latex is poured out of the mold, the remaining layer dries and is removed from the mold.  If applied using the "paint on" method, the latex is painting on in thin layers and each layer is allowed to dry thoroughly before the next layer is applied.
Want a different color? Just add some acrylic paint and mix thoroughly.  The color does become much darker as the latex dries, so it’s recommended that you make the latex much lighter than the actual color you want.  If the latex is stored in a cool, dark place and the lid is on tightly, the average shelf life of the latex is about 1 year.  
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